Welcome to Ringsted

The popular Danish town of Ringsted has a long history going back to medieval times when it was without doubt the main city on Zealand.
At the 'Tingstenene' in the town centre, important decisions were made by Danish monarchs who were subsequently laid to rest in the beautiful church of St. Bendts.
Today Ringsted is a town bustling with life and a lot to offer with activities and entertainment all year round. A popular town for hosting conferences and events, Ringsted is home to large shopping malls and an impressive shopping outlet on the outskirts. The town centre is cozy and welcoming and regularly hosts exciting fairs and festivals. Ringsted also boasts an impressive swimming pool and has excellent leisure facilities on offer to those who seek a more active visit. 
Importantly, visitors to Ringsted will discover much more than the town itself. Ringsted is located in a municipality with popular and pretty villages set in a pleasant rural areas with marshes, creeks and lakes as well as forests where impressive birdlife and stunning flora can be discovered. The countryside around the town centre is also home to several manor houses and ancient churches with frescoes and ruins just waiting to be explored. Visitors can find some of this by following the 'Oplevelsesstien', a forest adventure trail through Vrangeskov alongside Haraldsted Lake. There is also a 'balance track' and a 'secret path' set with tables/benches and great platforms for fishing, swimming and boating. 
Ringsted really has something for every visitor.