Shopping in Ringsted

Info about shopping in Ringsted and Parking

When you shop in Ringsted, you are in the midst of opportunities. You are sure to get your bags filled - and in between you have plenty of opportunities to have a bite, a nice lunch, or a gourmet dinner. 

The old town centre of Ringsted is a quaint shopping area with many exciting shops next to the town square and Saint Bendt's Church dating back to the Middle Ages.

RingStedet is a modern shopping centre with good parking facilities, guaranteed rain-free shoppping, and a wide selection of shops.


Ringsted Outlet is Denmark's only outlet centre, where you can buy popular brands at hightly discounted prices - up to 70% discount on retail prices. 

Summertime in Ringsted Outlet


Another advantage in shopping in Ringsted is that there are free parking at RingStedet and Ringsted Outlet.  Parking downtown isalso free - but limited to 1-3 hours. Check the signs before you leave the car - you should have a parking disc on the front screen set on the time of the start of parking.

Downtown is only 10 minutes walk from the centers. alternatively you can take an A-bus, leaving every 15 minutes from the Burger King stop or from the Station. 

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Coffee Break in Ringsted

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