Cykelruter i Ringsted

Photo:Oplev Ringsted/Heidi Taymyr

Ringsted by bike

In Ringsted you will find beautiful nature in all directions, and this provides good opportunities for cycling around the landscape and history.

Cykelguide - Tur 1
Oplev Ringsted/Heidi Taymyr

Cykelguide - Tour 1: South Ringsted, 35 km


Take the cycle path along Haslevvej to Nordrupvej towards Nordrup. In Nordrup church there is an altarpiece and pulpit made by the well-known image carver Abel Schrøder from Næstved in 1664.

Cykelguide - Tur 2
Oplev Ringsted/Heidi Taymyr

Cykelguide - Tour 2: North Ringsted, 35 km

Follow Ringsted Åsti from Havemøllevej north. You pass through Torpet Mose. The square lakes in the bog are peat shards from around World War II.

Cykelguide - Tour 3: History on wheels, ca. 30 km

The trip starts from Torvet. On the Square in front of the Town Hall you can see the 3 stones that mark the old Sjællandsfar Landsting, where kings were elected and disputes were settled.

Cykelguide - Tour 4: Around Haraldsted lake, 19 km

On this trip, you pass Lake Tivoli - a bathing lake with a Blue Flag beach, which is accessed from Holbækvej.

Cykelguide - From the whir of history to the birdlife in Torpet Mose 4,1 km


From the whirl of history to the birdlife in Torpet Mose. This is a walking/biking tour of 4.1 km from Torvet to Torpet Mose and back.

Cykelguide - South Ringsted to Høm Mølle and back, 4,1 km

On this round trip, which can start at Ahornhallen or at Klostermarkskirken (there is a parking space at both places), you can experience the lovely nature of the river valley. The round trip is 4.1 km and leads past a modern church and near a place which represents part of the ådalen's cultural history; Høm Mølle.

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