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Camp Adventure

The secret treasure of the forest: Camp Adventure
In the middle of the forest, among the tall trees and birdsong, there is a clearing in the treetops where the sky peeks in. The sounds of the water from the river and the frogs that live around here join the birdsong. You are now at the centre of all the treetop courses, and soon you will experience person after person whizzing by above your head.

Camp Adventure offers unique experiences in a new format. Camp Adventure boasts a 45-metre tall architectural marvel, the Forest Tower, and the largest climbing park and longest zip line in Denmark. Challenges for children and adults who love fun activities and being out in nature.

Camp Adventure Forest Tower
Camp Adventure’s Forest Tower is a unique natural experience, not to be found anywhere else in Scandinavia. The architectural concept and development of the experience have set the stage for providing new perspectives, understanding and learning about nature. From the forest floor to the treetops, you can experience the diversity of nature and study the trees up close and at eye level.

Fun fact: The Forest Tower is 45 metres tall, and is the highest point on Zealand.
The Forest Tower’s highest platform stretches 140 metres above sea level and is the highest accessible point on Zealand. From the top, you can see more than 25 km across the beautiful South Zealand nature. If you look north on a clear day you can see the Øresund Bridge, Turning Torso in Malmö and parts of the Copenhagen skyline, including Bella Sky and the H. C. Ørsted Power Station.

Fun fact: Camp Adventure has a total of 35 zip lines, with a total length of approx. 2.5 km – among the longest in Denmark!


Denmark’s largest and safest climbing park
Camp Adventure makes the most of the beautiful scenery in and around the forest! With the help of professional firms, Camp Adventure has established Denmark’s largest climbing park in the treetops, and using professionally developed equipment, it also offers Denmark’s safest climbing courses! So there’s nothing to fear when you venture onto the fun and challenging obstacles – but expect a fight to the finish! You will be mentally and physically challenged by the many different courses and obstacles.

Everyone has to go through a brief introduction and test course in order to be comfortable with the safety systems and how to behave on obstacle courses. Here you try out some obstacles, a zip line and of course how the locks in the security system work – the high level of safety ensures that you can't click off both locks at the same time before you’re completely through the course! 

Fun fact: Camp Adventure consists of 10 courses with almost 145 obstacles, an overall length of 5,300 metres and a maximum height of 25 metres.


Bring a packed lunch or purchase a delicious lunch from the food truck or a coffee in the renovated barn. You can enjoy your food on blankets in the garden behind the main building or on the tables and benches.

The climbing park is a popular place to visit during the summer holidays. Many families and friends come here during the summer, and Wednesdays and Saturdays are particularly popular days for family outings. There is ample opportunity to enjoy your outing at your own pace.

Luckily there are lots of courses! If one looks busy, you can always jump on the next one. Or you can enjoy a relaxing break in the lounges with hammocks, tables and benches – or at the café, where there are cosy tables where you can sit and enjoy Camp Adventure’s lunches or your own food.

There are courses to suit everyone here. 
Looking for a challenge? We’ve got it! 
More into calmer courses? We’ve got it!
Need variety? We’ve got it!

The courses have been built at different levels of difficulty and heights so that everyone can participate. Even children as young as three. 

Three quick tips about Camp Adventure

  1. Order online and be sure that there is space. You also save DKK 25 per ticket when you book online by the day before your visit
  2. At Camp Adventure, there’s no such thing as bad weather! Especially during the summer, the beech trees act as a natural roof – both in the climbing park and on the walk out to the Forest Tower.
  3. You don’t have to bother with preparing a picnic lunch before you come to Camp Adventure if you don’t want to – our food truck is open every day and has Camp Adventure’s opening hours.

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