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Crucifix for Knud Lavard

The crusifix was erected  on 3 June 1902 in memory of Knud Lavard (1096-1131), who was murdered on 6 January 1131. 

The crusifix is 4 meters high, made of oak with a copper roof.

The inscription on the shape of the heart is Sursum Corda (heart up) and on the crossbeam is cut: Hellig Knud, 7 Januar MCXXXI

The two figurines on either side of the crusifix relate to the Birth of Christ, the crucifixion and resurrection of the Saviour.

Each year around 25 June a pilgrimage goes from Sct. Knud’s church to Haraldsted passing these figurines and the crusifix. It ends at the Chapel ruins, where once Knud Lavard’s fountain was. Knud Lavard was canonized by the Pope in 1170 AD.

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