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Gyrstinge Lake

With its 263 ha, Gyrstinge Lake is the largest lake in Ringsted municipality. Via Ringsted Å, Gyrstinge Sø is connected to Haraldsted Sø.

In 2017, Ringsted municipality inaugurated a footpath of approximately 3 km, which makes it possible to walk all the way around Lake Gyrstinge – a trip of just over 10 km.

The trip around Gyrstinge Sø offers varied nature with a rich birdlife. The trip is not suitable for the faint of heart, and on the 3 km long footpath, you must prepare on a surface that reflects the weather of the season. Several poles must be passed between the sheepfolds along the way.

Store Bøgeskov (wood)

On the south side of Gyrstinge lake is Store Bøgeskov of 350 ha.

Store Bøgeskov is distinctive for its lushness, which can be seen, among other things, in the dense undergrowth of young trees that sprout by themselves when felled.

In Store Bøgeskov you can go on some wonderful walks. You can use the wide forest paths or some of the smaller paths that go across the forest.

In the leaflet about Store Bøgeskov, three different tours are indicated on 2.5 km, 3 km and 6 km.


At the shore of the lake in Store Bøgeskov, Kilden springs up from the ground at a height of approximately 1 meter. Originally there were 2 springs, Springkilden and Den kogende kilde. People have flocked here to honor and visit the two holy springs, which had a reputation for healing. The influx was greatest on Midsummer's Eve, when the power of the laity was strongest.

The spring block from the Springkilden was taken down in 1908, when the Springkilden was renovated. It can be seen today at the Sorø County Museum in Sorø.

The Baptists used the springs as a place of baptism from 1853 to 1903, when they built their own churches in the local area. The memorial stone was erected in 1982, when the Baptist congregation celebrated its 125th anniversary.

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