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Tickets 2023

Buy tickets for great concerts at Ringsted Children'ss Festival with The Best from MGP and Line Solsikke.

The vast majority of activities at Ringsted Children's Festival are free. However, you must buy a ticket for the concerts in Poul Christensen Arena.


The Best of MGP

Experience the Best of MGP 2023 at the Ringsted Children's Festival June 10th at 10am in Poul Christensen Arena.
Children all over Denmark are eagerly waiting for this year's final show on February 18th, where the winners will be found at MGP.
We can guarantee that it will be a blast of a concert with full singing, music, partying and delighting children on and in front of the stage.
Reservations are made for individual participants not being able to perfom at specific shows. It is announced in advance. 
Come to a blast of a show with The Best of MGP.

Ticket price: DKK 75 excl. fee for an unnumberet seat in Poul Christensen Arena.

♦ Performance at 10am - buy ticket

♦ Performance at 1pm - buy ticket

Concert with Line Solsikke

Look forward to a fantastic concert with Line Solsikke at Ringsted Children's Festival 2023.
Now you can finally experience a concert with the mascot Line Solsikke.
Line Solsikke is known and loved by many children, as she looks after the nature of us all.
With her sweet being, we will all play and sing together for the show about bit and small things - you can enjoy yourself.

Ticket price: DKK 60 excl. fee for an unnumberet seat in Poul Christensen Arena.

♦ Performance at 11.30 am - buy ticket

Cirkus Baldoni

You can start to rejoice, because again this year Circus Baldoni is coming to Ringsted Children's Festival.

There will be a multitude of skilled artists who will present both fun and exciting, but also slightly 'dangerous' stunts. Leonardo the lion is naturally also there.
Tickets cost DKK 50 excl. fee.

♦ Show at 10am - buy ticket

♦ Show at 12am - buy ticket

♦ Show at 2pm - buy ticket

♦ Show at 3,30pm - buy ticket

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